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Linda Tran


KPN Business Mobile shop

This is a design i created for the mobile shop for business customers. Customers can view and compare different mobile phones for online purchasing. In this design we tried something different by adding a promotional banner and prices to the shop overview page.  

UX Design

Eddy Cars Logo

I created this logo for a car company which is specialized in restoring Jaguar classic cars. I chose the colors and fonts based on their briefing: ‘The logo needs to be subtle, modern and classic at the same time.’ The color and font makes the logo vintage and the style of the car illustration in combination with the rest of the elements gives the logo a modern edge.

Brand Design

Shapeview website

For Shapeview I designed and build a website. I gave the website a modern look & feel. The color choice is based on the logo that I also redesigned. The current website didn’t have a lot of content, so I helped them with creating more content and more visuals so the product would be more visible to the customers. I also made sure the UX of the website is improved and that all the information and forms are easy to read and use.

Webdesign/UX Design

Merchcapital Print & Branddesign

I designed the Merchcapital logo and designed the print work like the logo and flyer. Since I am the co-owner of Merchcapital it was clear that I would be responsible of creating and designing the whole brand, webshop and all the other things around it.


Brand Design

Angels Beauty & Skincare Website & Brand design

I created this brand design and website for Angel, who opened up a beauty salon. She wanted a logo that fits a beauty salon with pastel colors. I Created the logo, website, flyer and business card for Angels Beauty & Skincare.

Brand Design, Webdesign

Nguyen legal website & brand design

For my cousin Kim Ha I designed a logo and a website. She has her own legal advice business so she needed a logo, brand design and website. She chose the colors and I created a simple, but professional logo and designed the website and business card in the same style. 

Brand Design, Webdesign

KPN iPhone reveal e-mail concepts

For KPN I designed a few concepts for a e-mail template for the iPhone reveal launch. 

Visual Design

KPN Internet shop overview

For KPN I made a redesign for the Internet shop overview. I changed the layout of the page by adding some new visual elements (in co-operation with our visual designer) and a more compact way to show information so users can compare the different plans better.

UX Design

KPN Internet keuze tool

For KPN I designed a way for users to find out what product is best for them depending on their business needs. Depending on their answers one of the products will show as a result. This concept was AB tested in a 0.5 version and was tested succesfully. The next steps are adding small improvements and pricing to this tool.  

UX Design

Anabey webshop redesign & UX expert review

For Anabey I gave advice on how to change the content, lay-out & design of her webshop based on an Expert Review. After the Expert Review I made a redesign for her webshop to show how it would look like when implementing those findings.

UX Design/Webdesign

Rabobank Eventpage

For the Rabobank ‘’ I designed an eventpage. On this eventpage there was a need for a place to highlight a certain event while showing all the other upcoming events for business starters. I also designed a map where you can find the events by location and a form where you can apply for the event. 

UX Design

Powerfit website

For Powerfit I designed and build a website with a modern and powerful look & feel. The choice of colors was based on their logo. Not only did I redesign the website, I also rearranged all content on their website in a more logical way. I changed the navigation and menu items and made sure that the content was arranged in a way that the UX of the website is improved. While I was doing this I had the user in mind and made sure the website fits with the information needs of the user.

UX design/Webdesign

Print design

Merchcapital Webshop

For Merchcapital I designed and build the webshop. Merchcapital is a company that sells Geek stuff and game/movie merchandise. I am the co-founder of Merchcapital so I was free to create the whole Brand Design just the way I wanted. Merchcapital sells merchandise online and also sells at the Dutch Comic Con events.

Webdesign/UX design

Rabobank insurance portal

For Rabobank I designed an insurance portal where customers can view and edit their business insurances. This was a concept where all kinds of new functionalities were added like an insurance advice tool, a risk analysis and a way to add third party insurances and products so you can view and edit all of your insurance products in one place.

UX design

Samsung online promotion banners

These are online promotion banners I created for the KPN Zakelijk website. Whenever a new Samsung or iPhone model is announced or released, I make sure the promotion banners for online are created. I often do this together with the content managers in my team.

Visual Design

KPN Business mobile product page

This is a new design of the mobile product page when you want to order a business mobile phone with a plan. This design is based on findings in a UX research we did on how business customers experience the current online journey of ordering a mobile phone with a plan. 

UX Design

dfcu bank in Uganda

For Rabobank I went to dfcu bank in Uganda as a UX design consultant to help the dfcu bank digitalizing their products and service. My goal was to do research on their current design and development process so I could give them advice on how UX design could play a part in digitalizing their organization. This is one the projects i’m most proud of since I got to succesfully finish this project in only 7 days. In those 7 days I managed to do research, talk with stakeholders & deliver a complete design styleguide. I also made a redesign for their website & app. I am also proud of the feedback I got on this project: 

Outstanding work and results: I got to notice that Linda picked up the project individually in an excellent way and was able to deliver so much work in a short amount of time. Especially when compared to others with more work experience: I am very impressed. 

Tom Gruintjes Rabobank Development & dfcu bank

UX Design

KPN Shop countdown element

KPN needed a new countdown element since the current one was outdated. Also we needed a countdown that was more flexible: so it could be used on any desired place on the website instead of just in the topbanner. I designed a few different ways to show the countdown: As a part of the topbanner content and also as a seperate banner that can be placed everywhere. One of our requirements was that there should be an option for showing it with a transparant background as showing it with no background depending on how the bannerimage was designed. The design was a co-operation with Don the UX designer from customer markets so we could design one countdown element that can either be used for the consumer and business market. 

UX Design

Rabobank Interaction Design Pattern: Shopping basket/summary

For Rabobank I created a few interaction design patterns with the goal of maintaining the consistency within the use of these patterns. I wrote and designed rules for the pattern ‘Shopping basket/summary’. Within these rules I defined how to use the kassabon in different context and what elements the shopping basket/summary has.

UX Design

KPN Leadform GrootZakelijk

This Leadform was designed for the Grootzakelijk KPN online team. There was a need for a more interactive, personal leadform where large business customers can apply for more information or subscriptions on behalf of their business connectivity needs.

UX Design

Shapeview app

For Shapeview I did the design and UX for their app for desktop, tablet and mobile. Shapeview is a software programme that allows customers to create and save their own workout schedules. These schedules can be used at home or in the gym. 

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