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Linda Tran

UX Designer

Linda Tran

UX Designer at KPN – currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Lover of videogames, books, design, traveling, food, people & cats.

 This lady has mad skills in…

User Experience Design

  I have 6+ years work experience as a UX designer with Rabobank and KPN on my CV. I have experience in interaction design, prototyping, visual design, & service design.

User research

As a UX designer it’s important to have skills as a UX researcher since you can’t be a good UX designer without testing with users. I have experience in Usability testing, RITE & A/B testing.


My passion for design started with webdesign, so it’s safe to say I have also a lot of experience in Webdesign. In the last couple of years I created many different websites & webshops.


Brand Design

As an allround designer I am also experienced in creating logo’s and Brand Designs. I have also experience in designing print work like flyers, logo’s, business cards etc. 

As a UX designer I care about users…

…and Design. I enjoy the challenge of designing the best user experience while creating something beautiful and useful at the same time. However, results are also important. I believe a design is successful when users and stakeholders are happy (and when there is an increase in sales and conversion).


Like what you see?

I am always happy to talk about my projects, my work or my biggest passion: videogames.
Just send me a message and I’ll get back at ya!