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UX Design

KPN Compleet Case

The assigment

KPN gave me an assignment to redesign their KPN compleet tool and product page. The current tool and product page is not user friendly and many people don’t recognize this tool as a tool to check what the benefits are for KPN compleet and what they gain from signing up for it.

The solution

I designed a different tool where I designed the products more visual. Also I removed the step indicator since I think the tool is not heavy enough to create a whole two step process for it. Users choose which products they have and the products will get a green color so they can see which products they selected. The benefits will appear on the right and will clearly show only the benefits. When interested in more products you can click on the reveal more button. This button will show all the other benefits possible when signing up for more products. The rest of the product page was also redesigned to make things more simple and clear. The tool is also moved to a more prominent spot on the product page.