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UX Design

Design Pattern Summary/Shopping cart

The assignment

Our UX team was in need of a design pattern that describes how to deal with a summary/shopping cart when you want to calculate a premium or apply for a service. It contains different parts of information. From prices till discounts, totals and taxes. This design pattern is specifically designed for the insurance branche. This design pattern is created for Rabobank Netherlands.

The solution

The summary/shopping cart design pattern needed to be created for different context. The pattern should work for non-secure and secure environments and it should look the same either way. Users expect when they are orientating and see this summary, that the summary will appear whenever they go to the check-out. We also wanted make the pattern consistent by creating different elements that can be put in the summary/shopping cart pattern. These elements are: header, taxes, products, prices, totals, discounts etc. The pattern is designed for desktop and mobile to be responsive.